Avoid getting your project stuck in IT

A successful IT project requires a structured 360 degree approach that includes Business strategy, users, the organization as a whole and technology. IT projects might seem straight forward, but in practice there is clear evidence that IT projects often fail or are delayed, if the project is not anchored and supported by the organization.

Using IT to support the strategic business goals, helps the company to achieve success. Involving the stakeholders across the organization, helps make the right decisions.  Defining the goals and requirements BEFORE deciding how to design the system.

Skype Operations Framework (SOF) is a standardized and structured multi-faceted approach to a successful Skype for Business deployment.

SOF covers the entire customer and project lifecycle from planning to the operation in the long run, and covers the organization and the different needs and goals of the organization.

SOF is a circular process, meaning that there is not necessarily clear beginning or end, but a repeating process as the deployment develops and new features are added to the Skype for Business product

RackPeople provides practical guidance, tools and assets that ensures an identical process every time, based on the SOF model.

The SOF phases

SOF consists of three phases, the plan, deliver and operate phase. The phases define the lifecycle a Skype for Business project works through, adding business value at each step by onboarding new workloads and features. Evolving as Skype for Business evolves

In the planning phase, we lay the groundwork for the rest of the project and a successful result. By defining the scope, goals and business case, assessing your IT and spending time designing your solution and adoption strategy, the chance of the project will staying on course is increased.

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The deliver phase is the core of the IT project, and unfortunately traditionally the only part of a deployment project. In SOF the deliver phase includes the deployment, user enabling, but also adoption activities and discovering opportunities to enhance the solution.

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The operate phase is where you maintain high quality and a reliable service, by monitoring the performance, measure usage and adoption, and off course support your users

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RackPeople has a holistic approach to IT-projects with a 360 degree view reaching beyond just the IT and technical department, this is why RackPeople and Skype Operations Framework is a good fit. We know that IT influence the core of how we work together.