First thing first

Defining the goals and requirements BEFORE deciding how to design the system. This is the first step towards integrating your solution in to the cloud and consolidating your cloud investment.

Business Case Alignment
The goal is the ensure that the project vision and strategy is aligned with the general strategy and vision of the company. We have found that a general understanding of the purpose of the project, is useful to ensure trust, patience and support from the management.
Stakeholder workshop
The aim of the workshop is to make decisions for the project roadmap, KPI and needs. The workshop is where commitment from the project team is secured, the team is aligned and an understanding of Skype for Business and the connected values and benefits is achieved.
Role/Function Workshop
The purpose of the Role/Function workshop is to achieve a greater understanding of the needs, obstacles and tasks through a work process break-down, and ultimately decide on input to the technical design with specifications for workflows and input to an enhancement project.
Technical Assessment
The Technical assessment entails a deep-dive in to the complete environment. The purpose is to ensure optimal conditions for a successful experience for the end user, discover any weak spots and plan remediation.
Technical Design Workshop
At the Technical Design Workshop the final setup is discussed ending in an architectural drawing, the specifications for setup, server prerequisites, firewall configurations, certificate requirements etc. and assigning necessary tasks to responsible role owner(s).
Task might include, but not be limited to, reconfiguring firewall, configuring Quality of Service (QoS), plan End User training and adoption, software deployment etc.
Adoption Strategy
Before starting the deployment, migration and roll-out to end-users, it is necessary to make some decisions regarding the adoption strategy. The adoption strategy depends on the starting point. It will all influence where the focus should lie within the adoption strategy and what activities we would recommend.
Peripherals Consultancy
We have seen it a million times, that users complaining about bad experience with Skype for Business can be traced back to a bad headset. So, set out for a positive experience and make sure your users have a great experience with Skype for Business by including peripherals consultancy.